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What service does FreeDigitalMoney.com provide?

This website allows you to quickly and easily earn digital money. We have thousands of offers available for you to earn digital money. Avoid the hassle of slow and complex currency exchanges that make you wait for days to transfer money or fill your bid orders. FreeDigitalMoney.com is the simple and fast way to get started with digital money.

What is digital money?

Digital money is currency that you can spend online. It is the online equivalent to cash. Many types exist. We currently support only Bitcoins. There are thousands of businesses online that accept these for payments including online games, online services, and online retailers. It is also great for transactions between individuals. Unlike with bank transfers and credit cards, transactions with digital money are instant, have low fees, cannot be reversed, and there is no danger of identity theft or fraud. The popularity of digital money is growing and many expect it to be the future of online transactions.

This video is an introduction to Bitcoins, one popular type of digital money.

How do I earn digital money?

We have thousands of offers available for you to earn digital money. Most offers are free. Examples include trying new online apps, filling out surveys, viewing video advertisements, and signing up for free trial subscriptions. There are offers that allow you to earn large amounts of digital money by signing up for paid subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Match.com. New offers are added all the time, so check back often.

When will I receive my digital money?

Once you complete an offer and the business providing that offer has verified that you met all the requirements, you will be sent your rewards instantly. Most offers are verified within a few minutes. The expected wait time is shown for every offer on the website.

How do I get credit for an offer I completed?

Typically you automatically receive credit for an offer once you complete it and the business providing the offer has verified that you met all the requirements. However, we work with hundreds of businesses that provide these offers, and occasionally something goes wrong in the verification stage. If the expected wait time for your offer has passed and you still have not received credit for it, you should click the link or button on our website in the top right corner of the tab where you completed this offer to check its status. You can request credit for the offer there. It is always good to have some evidence that you completed the offer such as a confirmation email or a screenshot. If you have any trouble requesting credit for the offer, you can email our customer support at support@freedigitalmoney.com.

What is the business model of FreeDigitalMoney.com?

We have partnered with hundreds of businesses that are interested in finding new customers to try or review their products and services. These businesses provide offers for you to complete. Examples include trying new online apps, filling out surveys, viewing video advertisements, and signing up for free trial subscriptions. A business provides an offer because they can benefit in many ways from customers completing it. For example, the business might hope to gain you as a loyal customer after you learn about their product or service. Perhaps, you will spread the word about their product or service by talking about it with your family and friends. Or, they might get valuable feedback about how they can improve their offerings by asking you to fill out a marketing survey. There are many creative ways businesses benefit from your help. We greatly appreciate your support for all our partners. To show their appreciation for you completing their offers, the businesses then pay rewards. We split the rewards with you. Your portion is sent instantly to you in the form of the virtual currency you have selected. Our portion goes to support the costs to develop and operate this website. We do not collect or sell any personal information. It is against our policy to provide any surveys that collect or sell personal information.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or problems?

Our customer support is always fast and friendly. We work hard to resolve all problems brought to our attention. Email us at support@freedigitalmoney.com.